A1560 Sonic-LF

Universal OEM Ultrasonic Pulser-Receiver Electronic Frontend / Flaw Detector with Wireless Data Interface for Low-Frequency applications

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A high-end data acquisition unit designed for stand-alone and integrated use in laboratory and industrial measurement and testing applications. The pulser and received of A1560 is perfectly suitable for driving Dry-Point-Contact transducers and regular low-frequency piezo-electric transducers. The instrument possesses integrated accumulator and wireless data transfer function for long-term stand-alone measurements with a high on-off time ratio.

With the well documented SDK the user is enabled to develop his own software application for particular inspection task.

A1560 SONIC-LF is dedicated for low-frequency ultrasonic data acquisition applications on highly attenuative materials, such as:

  • Pulse Velocity Testing
  • Pulse-echo data acquisition
  • Position-related data acquisition synchronized with external inspection manipulator
  • Time-related data acquisition synchronized with external material test machines (tensile test, compression test)
Transmitter output voltage, V 200 V
Excitation sequence Meander, 0.5 to 5.0 periods
Pulse repitition rate, Hz 1 – 1.000 Hz
Length of the data acquisition vector, Samples 128k
Sampling rate (MHz) 1, 10, 25, 50, 100
Filter frequencies (FIR) HF 10,20,40,100kHz; LF 350kHz
Receiving bandwidth 10 – 350 kHz
Dynamic range of amplifier, dB 0 to 80
Dynamic range of attenuator, dB - 20 to 0
Gain setup range from 0 to 100 dB, step 1 dB
The quantity of the programmable points of DAC function 128k
Dynamic range of DAC function 40 dB
Averaging factor 1 to 256
Embedded power source Built-in battery
Operation time of the battery, not less than 5 h
Battery charging time 2.5 h
External power supply DC 15 V, 4A \ AC 110-250 V
Dimensions of the electronic block 320 х 165 х 55 mm
Weight of the electronic block 800 g
Operating temperature range from –20 to +45 ºC
Wireless Ethernet 54 Mbit IEE802.11n
Ethernet 100 Mbit
External trigger input TTL
Name Quantity, pcs.
A1560 Sonic LF – Electronic Unit 1
Net adaptor with cable 220V-15V 1
Ethernet cable 1.5 meter 1
WiFi Antenne 1
User manual for integration kit (SDK) 1
Introductory application software „ACS "Mathilda" Windows GUI App“ (available at www.acs-international.com) 1